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Generate your own electricity with some wire, a magnetic field, and the relative movement between the two of them: Alom Shaha explains electromagnetic induction using this hand-powered – or perhaps more accurately, bacon-sandwich-powered – generator.

Related watching: magnetic fields, probably one of the more awe-inducing subjects on this blog.

via Science Demo.

Moto perpetuo

NASA | Six Decades of a Warming Earth

Northeast Snow Storm (Hercules) Time Lapse - Jan 2nd 2014

Midday Traffic Time Collapsed and Reorganized by Color: San Diego Study #3


How is snow made? What temperatures make different kinds of snow? And can two snowflakes look exactly alike? The Science Channel has a quick Snow Facts Cheat Sheet video for questions just like this.

There are more nonidentical snowflakes in these videos that feature snow.

As time goes by… you  must remeber this…

Da dove viene la massa degli alberi?

Reverse motion effects (by Shank fx)

Frozen bubbles